We’re producers and exporters of organic vegetables who specialise in growing cauliflower and broccoli. We have extensive experience and we’re professional, ethical and agile.

Oficinas Centrales

Camino Caritat s/n
31500 Tudela – Navarra – España

Tel. +34 948 402 972
Fax +34 948 847 902

Main Offices

Camino Caritat s/n
31500 Tudela – Navarra – Spain

Tel. +34 948 402 972
Fax +34 948 847 902

Farm and Warehouse

Finca Las Torres Arana

Ctra. Alfamén km 14,5
50100 La Almunia de Dña. Godina
Zaragoza – España

We’re producers and exporters of organic vegetables


Floral bands

actiture.bioFloral bands

Actiture is committed to Biodiversity

In 2021 we continue to advance in one of our projects that we started in 2020 to continue working on the biodiversity of Finca Las Torres, with the aim of improving and helping to control pests. Strategic project for the company that is trusted and our efforts are being invested with the ever-present idea of sustainable cultivation and balance on the farm.

At Actiture we demonstrate day by day that it is possible to grow without treatments thanks to the floral bands for biological pest control that we plant in our organic farm and that function as a refuge and natural source of food for many insects, among which we find allied insects that we know as auxiliary fauna. Planting different varieties of flowers, we are able to proliferate several of these allies that are predators of pests or so that harmful insects attack the flowers earlier than our crops.

Ecological agriculture allows us a less intensive practice with a greater proportion of natural areas, so it offers us clear advantages by creating a system capable of stimulating the functions of biodiversity and self-regulation, thanks to natural communities that increase abundance and diversity of beneficial organisms.

Our purpose is clear, at Actiture we are committed to sustainable organic agriculture in which a great flora and fauna predominate to ensure that healthier and better tasting crops reach your homes while we contribute to preserving the environment and therefore, year after year, we continue to grow on the surface of both aromatic and flowery bands.