We’re producers and exporters of organic vegetables who specialise in growing cauliflower and broccoli. We have extensive experience and we’re professional, ethical and agile.

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Camino Caritat s/n
31500 Tudela – Navarra – Spain

Tel. +34 948 402 972
Fax +34 948 847 902

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Finca Las Torres Arana

Ctra. Alfamén km 14,5
50100 La Almunia de Dña. Godina
Zaragoza – España

We’re producers and exporters of organic vegetables


Actiture intensifies its Biodynamic farming practices

actiture.bioActiture intensifies its Biodynamic farming practices

Actiture bets for Biodynamic Agriculture

At Actiture, we are committed to the production of healthy and sustainable food with our organic vegetable crops specialising in cauliflower and broccoli.

Since 2 years ago we have started to apply a very specific agricultural approach in our Finca Las Torres following our ecological, sustainable and environmentally committed philosophy: Biodynamic Agriculture.

This method of organic agriculture goes beyond the simple absence of synthetic chemical products, considering the cosmic cycles and their influence on the development of crops to seek balance and harmony between the soil, plants, animals and humans, considering the farm and its environment as a living and autonomous organism.

By applying these biodynamic practices we achieve a more fertile and balanced soil, we enhance the biodiversity of the farm by maintaining the natural balance, we reduce the risks associated with pests and diseases, we obtain crops richer in nutrients and flavour and we promote long-term sustainability with practices such as composting, the use of biodynamic preparations and the recycling of the resources we have available.

At Actiture we are thrilled with the results we are achieving at our Finca Las Torres and are in the process of achieving Demeter certification which not only guarantees that the agricultural products are organic and free of synthetic chemicals, but also certifies that the specific standards and practices of biodynamic agriculture have been followed providing consumers with greater confidence in the quality and sustainability of our organic crops.

Our objective is firm and at Actiture we continue to be committed to ecological and sustainable agriculture that allows us to continue contributing to the sustainability of the planet and that allows us to obtain an even healthier product of the highest quality.